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Everyone needs a bit of added security at times - whether it be in your home, workplace, school, 

house of worship or wherever else you spend time.

Now a days, violence seems to be on the rise.

Here is an American Made solution to help you out!

The Active Crisis Tool (ACT) is a door barricading device

designed by veteran SWAT Officers

specifically for keeping active assailants out during lockdowns and lockouts.

Anchorman, Inc has exceeded code standards by creating an Anchor Plate

so the ACT is not permanently affixed to the door (avoiding any code violations).

In addition, there is a child proof mechanism built in for unlocking the ACT

from the outside by first responders with a specially made key.


More information is available on their website -

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Lora Morris is a Farm Service Agent for the U.S. Department of Agriculture,

working with local farmers.

She graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Animal Science.

Lora is a lifelong lover of animals and currently cares for an Australian Heeler, a rescue cat, and two horses.

To many of the 164 million American pet owners their animals

are part of their family.

Pet owners make huge investments in food, toys, and much more

to ensure their companions have happy and fulfilling lives.

Animals give us so much. They help ease stress, decrease the risks of depression, and provide a consistent source of love and affection.

In exchange, it’s our job to take care of them and make sure nothing we put in their path causes them harm.

The time and investment it takes to pet proof your home is easily worth the benefits you’ll receive 

from having a safe and healthy pet.

Please read her article to learn more.

In This Article

  1. Common Household Dangers for Pets
  2. Food Safety for Pets
  3. How to Pet-Proof Your Home
  4. Safety for Specialty and Exotic Pets
  5. Pet Safety During a Natural Disaster
  6. Conclusion
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When there is someone who has a Medical Emergency and cannot speak, time is of the essence.

We strongly recommend anyone with a Medical history (such as heart conditions, diabetes or allergies 

to wear a Medic Alert tag).

But not everyone has a know Medical condition. So we recommend "wearing your identification" anyway. 

These are great for people who participate in outdoor sports, and for adults and children at various attractions 

such as theme parks or parades and fairs.

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You see someone who looks ill or unconscious

You ask if someone is ok. 

There is no response.

Your victim is not breathing and there is no pulse.

What do you do? 

CPR of course.

Since you want to protect yourself from any possible diseases, you need a mask and some gloves.

The pictures show the type of product - available ones may be different.
(1. key chain CPR mask,
2. plastic CPR mask, 

3. "pocket mask" - reusable, but must change valve, 

4. a kit with multiple masks and gloves)

Here are some options for you. 

We suggest you have more than one breathing barrier with you just in case, 

and most are single use only.

(Click on the underlined sentence above. Type in CPR in the search box)

Disaster Preparedness

For all of you Disaster Kits and Emergency First Aid Kits needs,

we suggest you purchase a ready made kit for each person in the family (including your pets). 

 You want to have supplies at home, at the office,

in the car, at school or where ever else you are on a regular basis.

As time goes by, add to your kits what you can afford.

For more information on Disasters, check out

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Do You Need an Insurance Checkup?

So what does Life Insurance, Property Insurance and Financial Planning

have to do with Disaster Preparedness?

Natural Disasters in the United States

The country is prone to many different types of natural disasters, and each region has its own risks. 

Hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, floods, blizzards, lightning storms and earthquakes hit 

with alarming frequency.

In 2018, there were eight Atlantic hurricanes and a record-breaking seven subtropical storms.

There were over 100 wildfires, with the Carr Fire alone destroying well over 1,000 homes. 

The Camp Fire was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history.

It killed 85 people and destroyed the entire town of Paradise.

Roads and bridges collapsed, and homes were trashed when a 7.0 earthquake hit Anchorage, 

and a massive blizzard caused a 70-car pileup on a freeway in Iowa.

Natural disasters are becoming more frequent - and more expensive.

The average number of billion-dollar disasters per year over the last 5 years

is more than double the average since 1980.

While life insurance cannot prevent natural disasters from occurring,

it can prevent your loved ones from being unable to pay the bills if something happens to you.

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