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Cat and Dog CPR and First Aid

Choose a class for Cats or Dogs

or a combination of both.

The purpose of this class is to teach pet owners how to be prepared

for emergencies that involve their cat or dog and how to protect yourself

and the animal from further harm, injury or suffering during emergencies.

*Learn the items that belong in your pet's first aid kit and emergency kit

*Learn disaster preparedness for your pet

*Learn to identify your pet's "normals" and the importance of knowing

   the normal physical conditions, behaviors and habits of your pet

*Learn how to safely approach an injured or ill animal and how to restrain him

*Learn how to check a cat or dog that appears to be having a first aid emergency

*Learn how to check an animal for breathing or cardiac emergencies

*Learn how to perform Rescue Breathing and CPR on your cat or dog

Course Length: 4 hours

A certificate of completion will be issued.

Please contact us to get information or book a class.

Please give us an idea of what your needs are, and your phone number,

and we will get right back to you.

Thank You!

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