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Thank You All for your kind words.
It is a pleasure to serve each one of you.

From - Frank M in Arcadia
Jeanie's training kicked in two months ago when a guest where I work
fell down and broke her forearm.
The bone was jutting out and 1/2 of the forearm was limp, boneless, 
and pointed at a 45 degree angle from the other half.
Not only that but it was bleeding at an alarming rate.
I was able to apply pressure to the arm and stop the bleeding
until the paramedics came.

If it wasn't for Jeanie's training I would have been one of the several dozen onlookers feeling helpless because I could do nothing.
Thanks Jeanie!

From - David Z. in Monrovia
Jeanie was a huge help in providing a convenient, efficient course that gives
you the meat and potatoes of Animal CPR/First aid. She is clearly dedicated
to animal welfare and was a pleasure to get to know! She helped me practice
on my own dog and provided a number of extra resources and free advice upon
entering the Animal care field. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting
a more personal, hands on approach from the comfort of their home.

From - Jenny S. in Pasadena
This is the 3rd time we have had Jeanie Edwards at my office giving the CPR / First Aid training. Every time  she has been wonderful! She tells it like it is and makes sure you know what you are doing, why you are doing it and doing it right! Practice, practice, practice! Jeanie also has many wonderful stories she relates
to us while giving the training, making you appreciate and understand how important it is to know this stuff right!
I highly recommend The CPR Gals and give Jeanie an A+ !

From - Brandon H. in Diamond Bar
I just re-certified with instructor Jeanie Edwards who has been my CPR/First Aid instructor since 2011.  She is very knowledgeable in her profession and she does a great job of explaining what you need to know in order to feel confident during ALL emergencies.  
Highly recommended!!!

From - Nancy C. in Eagle Rock
Jeanie is truly dedicated to saving lives and makes sure you learn what you need to perform cpr. This is not like the other classes where you take a test and memorize a bunch of facts.  Her stories make the class much more interesting.

She also isn't afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks. I feel much more confident about being able to help others in case of an emergency.

From - Lisa P. in Los Angeles
I've taken many CPR courses over the years and this one was by far the very best! Jeanie was so easy to learn from. She was both personal and professional and very knowledgeable about her work. I would highly recommend the CPR Gals to anyone who takes CPR training/first aid seriously!

From - Kathie M. in Sierra Madre
I found THE CPR GALS on yelp and gave them a call. My instructor Jeanie switched around her schedule to accommodate me the day I was available
to do the class.

Class lasted about 4 and a half hours. She will come to your house and teach you life saving techniques and get you certified.

Her price was competitive to other classes plus you get her one on one
in the comfort of your home !

Give them a call if you need cpr/ first aid training!!!

From - Claudia Z. in Los Angeles
OMG absolutely loved it! They are so knowledgeable and go into detail
about everything.
Money and time well spent with this company if you need CPR training!

We received training with them at my part time job at Dr. Rashti's office and
they were so patient and explained everything so well for the entire team.

Special thanks to Jeanie, keep up the good work!
We will definitely recommend this company.

From - Lynn W. in Los Angeles
I have taken many CPR classes, but today's class with Jeanie Edwards was
the best I've ever had.
She was real, down-to-earth, and knew her stuff inside and out.
She made us do cardiac compressions for five minutes to give us a feel
for what it would be like in real life.
It was hard--felt more like 15 minutes at least--but I appreciated the opportunity to see if I could possibly work hard enough and long enough to save someone's life. Hope I never have to use this but I feel better prepared than ever if I do.

From- Faye K. in Los Angeles area
A couple friends and I just completed the Adult/Child/Infant CPR course
with Jeanie. Jeanie teaches with competency, authority, and passion,
in the business of saving lives. 
Her course is equipped with excellent resources and her rescue demonstrations convey a sense of real life situations. 
She is witty, funny, and personable. 
She offers flexibility to book her courses and her fees are far better than courses offered by other certified organizations. 

Check THE CPR GALS out before you go somewhere else,
you won't be disappointed!

From - Rosy C. in Los Angeles
Jeanie Edwards is the best!
She's wonderful, informative and makes the class great.
She has the experience and is willing to guide you through until you feel confident in what you do.
Really opened my eyes to view everything in a new perspective.

From - David S. in Covina
These ladies are great! They know what they are doing!
They are very well educated and very good at teaching and training!
Do not pass this class up!

Great stuff to know for a disaster or medical emergency!
Plus they have many other things on their site to help you! Even with animals! and also supplies and great recommendations that you can get for disasters and emergencies!
What a great program they have set up! The best I have ever seen!!!

From - Kate L. in Arcadia
I cannot tell you how helpful Jeanie Edwards and her group was to my family, friends and whole neighborhood.
I am the point person who felt the need to organize a disaster program
for my neighborhood and for my son's school.
She is knowledgeable and makes learning fun! This is really important to me.
I highly recommend her services and will continue to use her in the future.

From - Mark P. in El Monte
I want to thank Jeanie Edwards from CPR Gals for her devotion
for teaching Scouts. 
 Miss Edwards spent the last 3 days with Troop, Monrovia Troop 66
at Trask Scout Reservation. 
 She has such patience and devotion to her profession and the way
that she molded her training to our Scouts was beyond wonderful.
They all came away with more knowledge then you can imagine. 
 Our Scouts loved her and so did the Camp Staff. 
 We look forward to working with your company with our local council
and creating more training like this for all our other Troops.

Today completed an intense 3 day, 20 hour weekend of training and
certification for CPR, AED, First Aid and Wilderness First Aid and
their First Aid Merit Badge. Sunday was the practical work of their education.

Thank you Jeanie Edwards from THE CPR GALS for all your hard work and dedication to our Troop. We are very fortunate to have you with our Troop now.

(Reviews taken from THE CPR GALS  YELP reviews and from THE CPR GALS Face Book page.)

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Thank You!

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