THE CPR GALS -         CPR and First Aid Training
On Line Classes
When your car need service, do you take it to Joe Bloe or a Certified Mechanic?
Do you want someone driving next to you who picked up car keys for the first time or someone who took driver's education and training before getting a valid license?
Think about this - You or your loved one is unconscious.
Do you want the person who took an abbreviated class or got a card
on line to assist you, or would you rather have a rescuer who took
a full CPR and First Aid class and really learned the skills needed
to help save you or your loved one?
People today want everything instantly.  We realize your time is valuable.
THE CPR GALS group believes in personal training. 
We will not take "short cuts" when it comes to saving people's lives.
A computer is not going to save your life -
 a fully trained person will!
Performing CPR and First Aid is a serious matter. 
We offer entertaining and enlightening interactive courses with "hands on" experience because people learn by doing.
We want to equip you to help save someone's life!
Please contact us to get information or book a class.
Please give us an idea of what your needs are, and your phone number,
and we will get right back to you.
Thank You!
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